This website is designed to match business buyers with suitable business opportunities in Scotland. Business owners who would like to sell their business are invited to list their business on the site for free for a two month trial. Ongoing listings on the site cost only £20 per month.

Scottish Business Market do not charge agency fees, all enquiries are passed directly to the business owner or their agent.

Unlike other business sales websites Scottish Business Market also offer a free business valuation service to hep business owners decide the best price to market their business at and the price they may realistically expect to achieve in the current market place.

Business owners listing their business for sale on the site also receive a free report which gives important information on all aspects of selling a business as well as our unique guide - How To Double Your Chances of Selling.

Whether you are selling a business privately or via an agent the website provides the opportunity to stand out from other businesses on the market, obtain free advice on valuation and our unique guide on selling a business.

Simply call 0845 123 6970 or for more information or to list your business for sale.

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